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Pinyon Needle Scale is Back!

April 2016. Our pinyon trees are under attack again this year by Pinyon Needle Scale (PNS). Infected trees are easily identified by brown needles (from previous years infestation) and, until the eggs hatch, by egg masses at the base of the tree (as shown in the photo) or on the tree itself. The good news is that you can mitigate the damage by removing the egg masses. But you need to hurry; the eggs will start hatching in late March. For more information about controlling PNS, click here.

Much thanks to Bob Celaya of the Office of the State Forester. Bob has made several trips to meet with LV Ranch owners to evaluate the health of our pinyon trees and investigate the current infestation issues. Feel free to contact Bob if you need more information. Click here for Bob’s contact information and for more information on PNS and other critters that might affect the health of our trees.

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