Welcome to the LV Ranch POA Website

Welcome to the LV Ranch Estates Property Owners' Association (POA) website. Its main purpose is to provide a documented history of the actions and decisions of the POA Board and a repository of information related to owning property and living at LV Ranch Estates.

The content includes a brief discussion of the history and prehistory of Las Vegas Ranch and general information about its plant communities and associated fauna. We include a section on current environmental issues such as the attack on our pinyon trees by pinyon needle scale.

Also provided is general information on Sustainable Living. Much of this information was taken, with permission from Peter Gooding, from the Las Vegas Ranch Estates website. We also used other content from this site including photos, historical descriptions, and sales-related information.

The site is public and is intended primarily for the use of existing property owners. However, it also provides useful information for prospective buyers including a list of parcels and homes for sale.

Your Feedback Wanted

Since not much changes from day to day at LV Ranch we don't expect this website will receive a lot of traffic. However, when you do have a question or issue about living at LV Ranch, we hope this website can help.

With that objective, there is ample opportunity to expand existing content and add more topics. Here are some possibilities:

  • Lists of observed flora and fauna (with pictures)
  • Alerts to unusual sightings of wildlife (to wit, the long-nosed snake photo on the Home page)
  • Shared gardening tips; what works well here.
  • Links to important contacts and resources; we currently have a couple but we can add more (e.g., Agricultural Appraiser for Yavapai County, County Extension Agent, etc.).
  • More photos.
  • More links to information concerning environmental issues, sustainable living, etc.
  • More historical information (for instance, does anyone know much about the origin of the Barney York Ranch or the Harper and Otis homesteads).
  • Interesting archaeological finds.
  • Trespassing and unauthorized hunting incidents.
  • Upcoming local events that might be of interest (e.g., 4H livestock sale).
Your input is welcome. Click here or the email icon at the top right of every page to email your suggestions and comments.

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