Reptiles and Amphibians of Las Vegas Ranch

Here are photos of reptiles and amphibians actually observed at Las Vegas Ranch (photos obtained from Reptiles and Amphibians of Arizona). Other species that may occur at Las Vegas Ranch are listed below.

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Other Possible Species

Here is a list of other reptiles and amphibians that may occur at LV Ranch. Please contact the WebGuy if you have seen one of these species.

  • Mexican Spadefoot
  • Red-Spotted Toad
  • Woodhouse’s Toad
  • Great Plains Toad
  • Long-Nosed Leopard Lizard
  • Greater Earless Lizard
  • Common Lesser Earless Lizard
  • Common Side-Blotched LIzard
  • Desert Spiny Lizard
  • Clark’s Spiny Lizard
  • Gila Spotted Whiptail
  • Desert Grassland Whiptail
  • Great Plains Skink
  • Madrean Alligator Lizard
  • Ring-Necked Snake
  • Nightsnake
  • Western Patch-Nosed Snake
  • Striped Whipsnake
  • Coachwhip
  • Common Kingsnake
  • Black-tailed Rattlesnake
  • Arizona Black Rattlesnake
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